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The desktop you always wished for

We are building tomorrow's desktop experience.
Built for speed, control and enjoyment.

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A next-gen desktop experience...

...For those who demand speed, control and a truly enjoyable work experience. Unlike the 30-year old desktop structures we are used to working with, ScreenomeX Meta offers a multidimensional work experience.

Multitask like a beast with Contexts

ScreenomeX allows you to create workspaces called contexts, which allow you to freeze, close and retrieve whatever you’re working on. Whenever you pull up a workspace, all your windows, applications, and messages are perfectly restored exactly the way you froze them, no saving necessary.

Navigate your apps and files like Vasco da Gama

Window Manager enables you to search documents, applications and browser tabs by relevance to a keyword surfacing documents, applications and browser tabs currently open as well as recently used.

Tag anything - anywhere - because you can

Smart tagging lets you keep track of what’s important – whether it’s a web page, an email, or a PDF, tag it to find and share things faster than ever. It gets even better, ScreenomeX detects a wide range of important interactions and allows you to create custom highlights, making revisiting moments that matter a piece of cake.


Just when you thought we couldn’t get any better

Temporal Computing allows you to recall anything that ever crossed you screen

Watch in real time how you edited that photo, fixed that code, or solved that puzzle. ScreenomeX allows you to rewind to any moment and replay how you arrived at your final destination.

… combine that with Metadata access of your historical screen data and … your welcome

Early Access link
Available for macOS
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