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Just like the “genome” tells us everything about a person’s genetic inheritance, a person’s “Screenome” is similarly unique, a sequential, disjointed series of screens, which provides a highly detailed and personalized analysis of a person’s screen interactions and how these interactions influence their behavior.

Screenomics is a study of records of individual experiences represented as a sequence of screens captured by software that collects multiple layers of screen data.


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The journey to understanding the human mind and body is a never-ending one. From the discovery of DNA and the genome, to studies in how our physical environment – our exposome – shapes our health, we’re constantly learning more about what makes us who we are.
Now, it’s time for us to consider another crucial – and revealing – building block, another “-ome”: the screenome.

We all have one. While your genome is your physical DNA, the code that runs your body, your screenome is your digital DNA.

What you read or watch online, the way you online shop, how you search for flights, your productivity patterns, how you interact with people on social media – all of these digital activities shape who you are, how you think, and what you do. The code behind your digital self is your screenome.

Only recently have researchers been able to sequence and analyze the human genome, revolutionizing our understanding of the body and launching entire new industries.

But the screenome largely remains a mystery. We haven’t yet been able to decode it or learn from it.

And not being able to unlock that code means that a deep trove of insights into life and work are missing. Whole industries can’t yet exist. The world suffers from a screenome data gap.

Until now.

Researchers at Stanford University have pioneered the idea of the screenome, and founded the world’s first Screenomics Lab to learn more about how our digital devices shape our emotional and physical lives.

But we think it’s important that everyone can access their screenome, not just researchers.

That’s why we’ve created Screenomex, a platform that can allow anyone to see and understand their screenome.

Having access to your screenome means endless possibilities – from personal productivity to mental health, streamlining the digital experience.

Down the line, your screenome could power a personal AI bot – a kind of digital clone that might work on your behalf.

And if we’re really thinking ahead, a screenome-based service could come to understand compatibility patterns, so it could help companies assemble the right teams based on everyone’s screenomes, or find you a screenome-compatible date based not just on looks but on how both of your brains work.

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